RO HANCOCK-CHILD (born 1957, UK) is a multi-talented artist: a concert pianist, composer, writer and painter. Ro read MUSIC at OXFORD UNIVERSITY 1976 - 79.

Here you can find details of Ro's compositions & books, and links to recordings & artwork.

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QUOTABLE QUOTES (please do!)

     "An exceptionally fine pianist. The perfect accompanist" 

                  Professor Stephen Banfield

      "Ro can play anything, and does!"  Paul Arden-Taylor

'[Ro is] so multi-talented, a female Leonardo!"    Milla Gottlib, pianist and teacher

       "Ro is a dynamo!!"   Mike Doyle, poet

"I don't think [Ro's] performances of Madeleine Dring could ever be bettered"      Paul Guinery, BBC

 "[Ro] plays with such sensitivity and absolute understanding of the music"  Elaine Hugh-Jones, composer

"Ro's piano playing is beyond praise"  Ernest Woolford, concert pianist

"A dream of an accompanist, who does exactly what you need, without asking" John Mitchinson, tenor

"This [Toccata by Dring, played by Ro] is really excellent stuff. And played with terrific verve"  Stephen Arnold

"Thanks again for performing Dring's work so superlatively. This is like musical food to me"     Mr Mjp58, via YouTube

"I really love your work!!! Thrilling harmonies. Ro's music is great!!"                     Ray McFarlane, Canadian pianist

 "I had an excellent piano teacher! "  Vanessa Williams, former Sixth Form pupil of Ro, later manager of Blackwells Music Shop, Oxford.

"[Ro is an] excellent teacher, friendly and welcoming... I found her quiet patience calming and reassuring"   Bee Payne, student 

"I think your song Bright Stars Singing is lovely, a real modern English song in the great tradition"    Lindsay Gowers, BBC Singers

 "There are some cowboys out there, but Ro is absolutely and completely legit"   Vicky Clarke, singer

"I listened to your cd, you play the piano beautifully. You must be one in a million who doesn't expect something in return" 

                                Gloria Coe, craftswoman

"The music on your cd is as beautiful as its executant, and that is saying something"  MH, Oxford graduate

Trinity/Guildhall (Marcia Scales): "Thank you Ro for writing such accessible modern music. LEO is extremely popular"

"LONG LIVE THE TONAL SYSTEM!!"    David Revitt, in response to listening to Ro's compositions

"Ro's music is complex, vibrant and flowing, it has an eternal feel"              Catherine Rose  

 "Ro's songs are lovely"  Frances Jellard, singer